Nature Connection Therapy: How do we connect with nature for mental health?

Travel in the present! Advice for the moon (month), the new moon is today here in Europe so take a little time, do a little dance and breathe in the now. Thanks for sharing #joewalker We all need a little prod to turn off our addiction to the cyberspace, our own is so much more rewarding!

Soul Stewards Counseling & Psychotherapy, PLLC

lindsay-at-canon-ball-island-ozetteFor the last twenty years I have been guiding people into the wild via horse, white water raft and on foot.  Among all of the adventures, campfires, amazing animal encounters and community time, there is one over arching theme that stands out-connection.

We connect to the sky…


Last fall, I was having a REALLY bad day and when I was about to go home I looked up & saw this…do you see the smiley face? I was so startled by the irony I laughed…then I cried. Its a welcome surprise when synchronistic nature experiences give me exactly what I need. The sky is a great provider of perspective, dreaming and connection to each other.

We are all under the same sky. 

We connect to the land…


Hiking, looking out over large distances to far mountain peaks, being with friends and family or sometimes alone…the movement of my body and…

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